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Why does everyone keep going on about Blog Writing?

There are many reasons for developing a blog and many customers are increasingly looking for a blog when making a buying decision.

A blog offers you the chance to engage with people online and reach people in a more personal way than through your website alone. You can be more personal in blog posts and offer customers useful advice. You can also show off your expertise and leadership within your industry through regular blog posts.

Once you make the decision to develop a blog it is important that you provide regular posts to ensure that it is up to date. A poorly maintained blog is worse than no blog.

Read on to discover some of the key benefits of setting up and maintaining a blog:


Blog writing is an excellent way to improve your visibility within search engines. Your blog can be your most powerful Marketing communications tool and you can get your message out instantly and reach a whole new audience of potential customers. Changes in the way that search engines work means that Content Marketing has become the new buzz word in Search Engine Marketing and blogging is a key element of this. Regularly writing blog posts is an easy way to keep updating your site and this will have an impact on your search engine ranking as well as increasing traffic to your site.

Positive Impression

Blogs have become a measure for whether a company is customer-focused, engaged and knowledgeable. Potential customers will often check out your blog to get an impression of your business and to get a feel for the company prior to placing an order. If your website features frequent blog posts about relevant issues then this will instil confidence in visitors.

Something to Shout About

Blogs offer an excellent medium for promoting your point of view or shouting about a new product or service. If there is an issue within your industry, you can easily write a blog about it and state your position. Maybe there is an opportunity to offer people support and help them through a problem. A blog opens the door to a whole new way to communicate with current and potential customers.

How often should you write blog posts?

This is a debatable question and it really depends on what you are trying to achieve with your blog…


If the goal of your blog is to improve your position in search engines then you should be blogging as often as possible. Many people would advocate blogging every day if possible, however this is is a huge commitment and not feasible for many of us.

Positive Impression 

If you are using your blog to create a good impression for your company then you will need to blog at least once or twice a month. When you see that a blog has not been updated in over a month this can give a bad impression of the company. If you cannot commit to twelve blog posts in a year then you may need to question whether to include a blog on your site at all.

Something to Shout About

If your blog is to promote news and topical issues, then you may find that the news determines when and how often you write blog posts. Depending on the nature of your business you will probably have something new to share at least twice a month or maybe a couple of times a week.

When is there time for Blogging? 

The majority of people that start a blog find that developing regular content is a major challenge and often blogs are left looking thin and out of date. The majority of people who have not set up a company blog do not feel they have time to do so.

If you are juggling your workload and do not have time for blogging then you could benefit from some support from Blooming Marketing.  Blooming Marketing offers support to set up and maintain your blog with regular maintenance and support.

Find Support

If you would like help to set up or maintain your blog then contact Blooming Marketing.

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