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Branding is a way to differentiate your company and your products and services. Branding is an important part of any Marketing activity because all Marketing materials should reflect the brand and present your products/services in a consistent way.


Key Elements of Branding:

1) Company logo – this should be clear and attractive and ideally should not date too easily.

2) Company colours – you may have a colour or a group of colours to represent your brand.

3) Language style – you should consider the tone of voice for your communications e.g. friendly and personal or formal and business-like.

4) Image style – you may wish to have a set style for photography to ensure that images work well together and can be used for different purposes.

Branding is important for any company, big or small, because this is how people will judge you and your business.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines offer a record of rules relating to the brand and how brand elements should be applied. This is most useful if you use external agencies to produce company materials. It should form a helpful reference guide for how the brand should be portrayed.

Brand guidelines can be extensive long documents detailing every potential use of the brand (this is favoured by the big branding companies) or preferably this can be a simple reference document with key points for guidance. The most appropriate choice will depend on the size of your business and the preference of the company owner.

Blooming Branding 

Some people roll their eyes at the word “branding” however it is an important part of creating consistent Marketing materials, such as brochures and websites.

Blooming Marketing will consider branding in the development of any Marketing materials to ensure that people form the right impression of you and your company.

Top reasons for strong branding: 

– Branding can help you command a higher price

– Branding helps you to differentiate from the competition

– Branding is often the first impression of your business

– Branding allows you to demonstrate the personality of your company

– Branding helps you to present your company in a consistent way

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