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While digital tools and websites dominate many marketing budgets, there is still a strong demand for traditional marketing materials, such as brochures, catalogues, flyers and posters.

Most of us still like to take time out with a printed brochure or magazine.

Developing brochures can be a challenging task. Even if you go to a designer, you will usually have to come up with the text and photography yourself. Then there is printing to organise and monitor.

Blooming Marketing offers support to create marketing materials for your business. You will benefit from extensive experience developing brochures and catalogues for large international brands and smaller companies.

Creating a brochure to really sell your company or products/services requires experience and an organised approach as well as a good understanding of your target audience.


Blooming brochures and catalogues

Common Uses for Brochures:

– Brochures can be handed out at exhibitions, trade show and fairs

– Brochures may be given or sent to customers

– Brochures can be included with product orders

– Brochures can be placed in your reception or office for visitors

– Brochures can be displayed on your website (there are some great online brochure tools).

Often companies wait until a new brochure is required and it ends up being a rushed job put together for an exhibition or launch event. Ideally it is best to allow a bit of time for planning the most effective messages and images to promote your company and products.

Developing Brochures

There are a few things to consider when developing a new brochure:

1. Purpose – what are you trying to achieve with the new brochure?

2. Audience – who are you trying to reach with your brochure?

3. Message – what are you trying to say? All messages should be developed with the customer in mind.

4. Format – how will you present it? There are so many options besides a standard A4 brochure.

5. Application – how will it be used? You may want to consider size, weight and format depending how you will be using your brochure.

6. Content – keep it clean and clear and avoid too much text, too many fonts as less is often more.

7. Images – modern, clean photography will add impact to your brochure.  

Blooming Marketing offers support in developing effective Marketing tools, including brochures and catalogues. If you would like to contact Blooming Marketing, please click here.

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