Complaints Can Help

Like most British people, I don’t really like to complain. I am the kind of person that will smile and nod when a waiter asks if I’m enjoying my meal even if I’m quite disappointed with what I have received.

unhappy bread faceI read an interesting statistic the other day which stated that 96% of dissatisfied customers won’t com
plain and 91% of unhappy customers simply leave and never return. I have often been that person that leaves never to return without a word of complaint.

However I have decided to try and be more honest when asked whether I am happy with products and services. It doesn’t come naturally to me to make negative comments and it can be really difficult. I have to tell myself that I owe the person the truth if they have asked. Interestingly, I have so far found that most people try to defend their mistakes and problems. It seems that people struggle to apologise and aim to improve, which is generally what I want to hear. I am not impressed when I hear excuses like “We have been busier than expected” or “We are missing a key member of staff today”. How refreshing it would be to hear something constructive like “I’m sorry about that, what would you have expected?”

I really value good customer service and I certainly share positive experiences as well as bad so I think it makes sense to everyone to communicate with suppliers if you have had a less than positive experience.

Nobody likes to hear negative feedback and there are some people who just love to moan, but if someone is brave enough to tell you they were unhappy, then maybe you can use their feedback to improve your products/services then it could actually help your business.

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