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I have been creating blogs and writing blog posts since 2007 so this is not completely new to me, however I am used to writing blogs for other people’s businesses. I write regular blog posts for other companies and I frequently talk about the value of developing a company blog therefore I feel the need to back this up with a personal commitment to regular blog posts on blooming

Reasons for Writing a Blog

There are many reasons for developing a blog including search engine optimisation and increasing visitors to your site. However my main goal in writing blogs is to share useful information and tips. I have benefitted from tips and advice that I have read in other people’s blogs and I hope I can pass on some useful information through sharing my experience and lessons learned in my Marketing career.

Ideas for Blog Posts

I know from experience that it is challenging to come up with regular topics for blog posts. However I have started a list of planned blog topics and I will try to think about relevant topics as I work on new Marketing projects. 

How often to Blog?

It is difficult to commit to a specific number of blog posts per week – even though I do exactly that for other people!

I will aim to write at least one blog per week as this seems realistic and achievable.

Who is this Blog for? 

Blooming Marketing offers professional Marketing support to companies that do not want to employ a full time Marketing Manager. This is typically small to medium companies that wish to develop Marketing materials and keep websites up to date without having to pay for a full time Marketing team or person.

This blog is primarily aimed at people who are trying to do their own Marketing, but require some advice or tips on a particular topic. Hopefully I will be able to provide some useful Marketing tips without using unnecessary jargon. I would really appreciate comments and feedback or discussion and I will try to answer any queries people may have on the topics covered.

About Catherine Abel

I am a freelance Marketing Manager offering support to help grow your business. I have bags of experience in various Marketing roles and can help with a range of Marketing tasks or projects.

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