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Marketing materials are a great way to present your business and promote your products and services. You should be proud to show off your company and products/services. Marketing materials should be your lovingly organised tool kit to help sell products and services.

Blooming Marketing offers support to identify the most appropriate Marketing materials to develop and the key messages to include.

The following process demonstrates what to consider when planning to create new Marketing materials:

1. Target Audience

Who do you wish to reach with Marketing materials?

Is it possible to profile your target audience?

Are you focused on people in West Yorkshire, throughout the UK or across the world?

You may have groups (segments) that you wish to target and you may be able to group them separately.

Infographic including online marketing terms

2. Message

What do you want to say?

Are you trying to raise awareness of your company or your website?

Are you trying to promote your products and services?

You may have a number of different messages for different audiences and this may be addressed through different types of Marketing materials.

3. Media

What tools are available to communicate with your target audience?

This decision should be based on how your target audience will seek information and the most effective tools for them. There are many tools for communicating messages whether traditional materials such as brochures and leaflets or more modern tools such as social media and websites.

Are these people likely to turn to the internet when seeking information or are they more likely to favour a printed brochure?

Are there exhibitions, trade shows or fairs where you could reach your target audience?

Marketing West Yorskhire

See below for a list of some of the options for communicating with your target audience:

1. Website content

2. Catalogues and brochures

3. Adverts (magazines, trade publications, newspapers, radio, TV)

4. Press releases

5. Email campaigns

6. Flyers

7. Direct mail

8. Exhibition materials

9. Promotional items/giveaways

10. Blog writing

Contact Blooming Marketing if you would like support to develop the most effective materials for your company.

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