Multiple Device Testing

“Why are there so many rubbish websites!” I find it baffling how many websites do not function properly on my iPhone. From the local school website to the most popular travel companies and online grocery stores, it is really shocking. For me, it’s like a high street retailer forgetting to unlock the door of the store.

Surely people check that their own websites work on the most popular iPhones.

iPhone testing

It took me a little while to recognise the importance of mobile devices. I remember my first experience of website viewing on my mobile phone. I was thrilled to check train times whilst on the move whilst at university (around the year 2000).

Technology developed quickly and people increasingly used mobile phones to browse and buy things. In around 2006 I recall reading reports stating the importance of mobile devices for buying. I was a website manager at that time and I wasn’t convinced. I spent most of my time working on my laptop so I couldn’t see why people would fiddle about with a little phone.

When I had my first child in 2011, I suddenly found that my mobile phone was my number one piece of kit for any research, reading, browsing and buying.

Importance of Web Traffic from Mobile Devices

In 2019 there were 3.5 billion smart phone users on the planet (73% of all phone users globally).

Back in 2015 mobile devices generated less than a third of web traffic. For the past 3 years around half of all web traffic has come from mobile devices.

An Ofcom report found that on average people spend 24 hours a week browsing the web on their phone.

There are many more eye watering statistics on mobile device usage.

So, why oh why are there so many functions that do not work or buttons that I cannot see on my phone.

Test, Test, Test

People constantly underestimate the need to test websites and emails, but accessibility issues can make or break the success of a campaign.

Testing is tedious! Nobody thanks you for finding errors! You certainly won’t get any thanks for finding an error and correcting it, without a trace! However creating a good user experience has to be the priority for online communications.

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