Social Media Glossary

If you don’t know a tweet from a post or you are still yet to check out Pinterest and Instagram, the following list may help clear up some confusion in relation to Social Media. Here are some of the key tools and terms in the world of Social Media:


A blog is an online facility for posting content such as news, comments and discussion. Blogs perform well in search engines where content is regularly updated. They are typically conversational and less formal than standard webpages.


Launched in 2004, Facebook is the most popular social networking site. Users can add “friends” and share photos, status updates and videos. It is also possible to set up Groups to represent businesses and other organisations.


Google+ is Google’s own social network site and users can post and share content. Google positions the content in search results according to the authority and location of the author.


Instagram is a platform for sharing pictures and videos which can be shared via other social networking sites.


LinkedIn is the leading networking site for business users. Users can create a profile detailing their skills and work history and connect with other users. It is possible to represent an organisation on LinkedIn with a Company Page.


Pinterest is a sharing site where users can post photos related to events, hobbies, collections or other things that they wish to share with other users. Users have pinboards which are like their own collection of great ideas and may include other users’ pins.


Twitter is a platform which hosts short messages (maximum 140 characters). These messages are called Tweets and hashtags are often used preceding a word or phrase to define the key themes relating to the message.


YouTube is a video sharing website. Users can upload and share video clips. Businesses can use YouTube to promote products and services or provide technical advice.

This is a short list to introduce some of the most common Social Media tools.

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