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Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing is a great way to reach your target audience. We may feel inundated with emails at times, but carefully constructed targeted email campaigns are widely regarded as the most effective promotional tool.

Email marketing

Email Messages

Email campaigns must have a purpose. Recipients are rarely impressed with continuous email campaigns with no real message.

Email Lists

Buying email lists is generally frowned upon. In my experience the email addresses are often poor and the unsubscribe rates are huge. Whenever a customer makes contact with your organisation, particularly through an enquiry or sale then this is the time to ask if they would like to receive emails. It is much better to get a list of interested contacts than bombard people with irrelevant messages.

Email Software

I personally like to use Mailchimp. I have worked on various email campaigns, including multinational mailing lists and small personalised campaigns. Mailchimp is a good website offering free email Marketing, however it is fiddly for anyone that is not used to dealing with website software.

Test, Test, Test

It is so important to test emails over and over as you are developing them. It is always interesting to see how email campaigns appear on different screens.

I hate it when I receive an email with errors and it makes me judge the sender in a very negative way. I always feel it is critical to send messages to a few different email addresses and check the results on different devices in the process of developing emails.

Call To Action

It is funny how many emails I receive that have no clear call to action. Without this, there is no way to measure effectiveness of a campaign. It can be a link to a website page or a button to request a sample or brochure, but it is the only way to monitor whether the email is working. It is really exciting to watch your open rates and click through rates which is all possible in MailChimp.