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10 Top Tips – Writing for the Web

10 Top Tips – Writing for the Web

I believe that writing is an underrated skill. People often don’t appreciate how difficult it is until they have to write something themselves. Writing for the web is different to writing for other media such as printed brochures and I’ll provide some tips below based on my own experience. Hopefully the following tips will prove useful for anyone that is considering writing copy for a website. If you are still stuck then please contact Blooming Marketing for some online support:

fingers typing text for website1. Audience – identify your target audience and consider them in terms of their knowledge levels and what they are looking for.

2. Relevance – make sure your content is relevant to your target audience. Provide clear signposts to what your content is about.

3. Short and Simple – get to the point quickly. People have limited time on the web and you will quickly lose them if you can’t be concise.

4. Use Lists – lists are often easier to digest than solid text so people can easily scan the content and read more closely if they are interested. Whether it’s a top ten list or top three features of a product, people tend to like lists.

5. Include Images – use images to help break up your text. Images can help demonstrate your points or attract attention. Try to use relevant images or you’ll risk irritating your readers.

6. Be Friendly – the web is more engaging than many other channels, allowing for a more conversational style of writing. If you address your audience personally using “you” and “your” then you are more likely to connect with them. Direct questions can also help engage visitors.

Writing for websites7. Write Interesting Content – there are so many websites and blogs competing for attention. Make sure your content is interesting and will be valued by your target audience.

8. Avoid Obsessing With Keywords – writing lists of keywords is a useful exercise for identifying the search terms that people may be using in search engines. However trying to squeeze all of these terms into your web pages is likely to appear unnatural and unpleasant to read.

9. Offer Something Useful Р whether it is an explanation of your products or a piece of advice relating to your industry, try to ensure that you write text that your target audience will find useful.

10. Incude Sub-Headings – nobody wants to read a big block of solid text. Headings help to break up the text and allow readers to scan for the most relevant content.

Writing for the web does not come naturally to everyone. If you have the time, practice will help. If you are struggling to write copy for your website, contact Blooming Marketing for support in developing your website and writing professional engaging copy.